Typing Instructor for Schools & Organizations

The Complete Typing Solution!

Typing Instructor offers complete typing software for school districts, multiple or single schools, and organizations from one or multiple locations. The software is rich in features with four unique typing programs and several typing plans for ages 6 to adult, from beginners to advanced typists. Each typing plan is fully integrated with educational lessons, tests, and challenges, entertaining typing games, and rewards, to motivate typists to progress from start to finish and achieve touch-typist status.

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Product Features

Typing Instructor’s educational curriculum is proven to increase typing speed and accuracy. Teachers and Administrators can manage words per minute, accuracy, and improvement plans for typists. The curriculum includes typing lessons, tests, practice materials, entertaining typing games, rewards, and typing certificates. Schools can choose from four unique typing programs for Grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-12. Organizations can choose from two typing programs for adults of all skill levels, from beginning to advanced typists.


Management Features

The Premium Management Center allows Educators and Administrators to manage multiple typists at one or several site locations. Teachers can manage their classes and students.

The Ideal Typing Solution

Typing Instructor is ideal for School Districts, Single Schools, Academies, Libraries, Work Forces, Churches & Government.

Platforms Available

The software can be purchased on three platforms: web, network, or desktop. The web platform offers 24/7 access from the school, office, or home. The network and desktop platforms offer convenience from one or multiple locations.


Pricing is based on the platform selected, and the number of users or workstations. Web licenses are one to two years, and network and desktop licenses are perpetual licenses.


Typing Instructor offers rewards and challenges to motivate typists to continue typing to achieve Touch Typist status. Typists, from children to adults, are rewarded every step-of-the-way and entertained as they embark on an exciting typing adventure. What often is a “boring” exercise, is fun and engaging!

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