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We develop and patent suites of innovative tools and technologies.

For entrepreneurs and business owners who are starting a new business or expanding an existing organization, Biz & Office Tools Pro provides all the resources entrepreneurs need to grow their business or launch a new business. Access legal forms and contracts, business planning tools, and training tutorials for Microsoft Office, Windows, and Intuit QuickBooks for up to five employees. Get ready to grow your business with marketing and advertising professional templates from Ad Creator, Logo Creator, Office Ready and High Impact email software.

Professor Teaches® is the #1 brand of interactive computer training for the leading software applications of Microsoft®, Adobe, and Intuit. Professor Teaches courses offer a complete training solution, from beginner to advanced topics, with hundreds of practical exercises designed to help users build essential skills quickly and effectively for over sixty titles. Unlike a videotape or classroom, users receive immediate and practical experience, which rapidly increases productivity.

The Easy Language series provides programs for learning Spanish, English, French, and German. The Easy Language series is the #1 Immersion Learning System. The flexible immersion learning places you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. No other language series offers more personalization or tailors your learning objectives to your specific needs.

Family Tree™ Heritage provides FREE access to the world’s largest genealogy database! Searches to the database require just one click from the software interface. All the tools family researchers need to discover information about their ancestors and build their trees are provided to uncover the rich and exciting family stories and to preserve their heritage for future generations. This innovative program has everything a genealogist needs to research, discover, organize, and share their family’s history.

AnyTime™ Organizer and Organizer Pro are the easiest-to-use personal organizers available to both home users and business professionals. These organizers include all the powerful tools business professionals and home office users need to keep track of their schedule, to-do list, contacts, expenses, and notes, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.

ResumeMaker® is the #1 selling career development and job search software for Windows and Mac desktop, iPad, Android, and Kindle. ResumeMaker and CV Maker include powerful features that help job seekers write better resumes, land better jobs, and earn higher salaries, including ResumeMaker On-the-Go App. Whether candidates are actively searching for work, ready to advance their career, or updating their resume, job seekers trust ResumeMaker more than any other brand.

Typing Instructor™ is the number one best-selling brand of typing software. Typing Instructor™ and Typing Instructor for Kids, are designed for retail and e-commerce distribution for individuals, and for school districts, schools, and organizations. The software is available in Windows and Mac desktop, network, and on the web. Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure is designed for children ages 6 to 12, with colorful animations and an exciting enchantment theme to engage young typists. The software is powered by Typing Instructor. For beginners to experienced typists, Typing Instructor improves skills while making learning fast, easy, and fun.