Typing Instructor® for Business 2


Improve Your Productivity
at Work!

Product Description

Typing Instructor for Business also adds fun and challenge to the process of learning to type with timed tests, four exciting typing games, and interesting articles for practice.


  • Built-in typing plans for faster learning
  • Structured touch-typing content
  • Guides for split & standard keyboards
  • 10-key keypad instruction
  • Wide variety of test material
  • Timed & non-timed tests
  • Instant feedback on WPM & accuracy
  • Save the results of all exercises
  • Progress reports by key, finger, hand & row
  • Over 250 practice articles
  • Four, high-quality typing games
  • Beginner, Learned Keys & Advanced levels
  • Create your own typing plans
  • Create your own lessons & tests
  • Add your own music or select from over 50 tracks
  • Import magazine articles

Master the Essential Business Skill

Getting ahead in your career requires improving your productivity. The quickest way to become more productive is to learn how to type faster and more accurately. Typing Instructor for Business takes our proven methods for typing instruction and places them within the context of business productivity. The skills you learn couldn’t be more relevant. Learn the Right Touch Start by selecting or testing your skill level. Typing Instructor for Business automatically recommends the best lessons for you, whether you’re a beginner or you just need to sharpen your skills.

  • Learn correct finger position & begin typing without looking at the keys.
  • Train on a standard keyboard, split keyboard, or the 10-key keypad.
  • Proven touch-typing teaching methods provide step-by-step instruction & instant feedback.
  • Use music to develop your typing rhythm & watch your words per minute (WPM) increase as you type.

Increase and track speed and accuracy with typing tests of varying length and difficulty. Tests are designed to evaluate your new skills and help you improve skills in specific areas.

  • Build your speed with timed and non-timed tests & lessons.
  • Choose tests including random words, complete sentences & other specially designed tests.
  • Assess your level of advancement using tests such as the Expert Touch Typist Test.
  • Create personalized lessons & tests using your own material.

Skills Fast & Easy

Learning to type takes time and effort. However, Typing Instructor for Business incorporates the most effective and efficient strategies for typing instruction available. You quickly learn the best typing techniques the right way. Effective Results & Feedback After each typing lesson, test, and article transcription, you receive immediate feedback on your speed (WPM) and accuracy percentage. Each result is saved for further review.

  • Examine all or a portion of your saved results to determine speed & accuracy trends.
  • View or print results to pinpoint strong & weak areas.
  • Assess specific keystroke data by hand, finger, row & key.

Practice with Games & Articles

  • Four exciting typing games challenge you to improve your typing skills.
  • Magazines offer a variety of articles & short stories.
  • Over 250 interesting articles.

Professor Teaches Word 2007 Interactive Training

Typing Instructor for Business also includes Professor Teaches Word 2007. This training course will improve your skills with one of the most important applications in Microsoft Office. Professor Teaches Word 2007 & Word 2007 Advanced offers you the most comprehensive training available for Microsoft Word. These tutorials cover all of the important topics and offer practical exercises designed to build your skills.

Professor Teaches Word 2007

69 Learning Topics

  • Creating Documents
  • Using Templates
  • Font Formatting
  • Working with Tabs
  • Applying Styles
  • Creating Columns
  • Borders & Shading
  • Inserting Images
  • Creating Charts
  • Formatting Tables

Professor Teaches Word 2007 Advanced

48 Learning Topics

  • Creating a Master Document
  • Building a Table of Contents
  • Styles
  • Footnotes & Endnotes
  • Creating & Moving Graphics
  • Using Mail Merge
  • Data Sources
  • Using Merge Fields
  • Generating Mailing Labels
  • Using Macros
  • Using Hyperlinks
System Requirements
Pentium® Class PC or Higher • Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • CD-ROM Drive • 200 MB Hard Drive Space Available per Application • Sound Card • Speakers or Headphones • Mouse Typing Instructor Business • 800 x 600, 16-Bit or Higher Display Professor Teaches • 1024 x 768, 16-Bit

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CD-ROM Today: Critic’s Choice
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