AnyTime® Organizer Standard 15

AnyTime Organizer Standard 15

The Organizer That Works The Way You Do!

Product Description

All the tools you need to organize your calendar, to-do list, and address book are combined in a user-friendly interface with hundreds of printable calendars, detailed expense reports, and a full range of programmable alarms. Plan meetings, tasks and events. Avoid scheduling conflicts and arrive on time. Never forget another birthday or anniversary. AnyTime reminds you with an e-mail or text message. Simplify your life & save valuable time with the organizational tools, simple interface, thousands of calendar options, and advanced reminders that you need to organize your personal and professional life!

New and Improved Features

Day Planner

  • Schedule events, calls, tasks and appointments
  • Conflict-checking avoids over-booking
  • Make events and meetings recurring
  • Simply drag-and-drop to reschedule
  • View schedule by day, week, month and year

To Do

  • Track your daily progress
  • View daily tasks and long-term goals
  • Set due dates and sort by priority or group
  • Incomplete tasks roll-over to the next day

Address Book

  • Print partial or whole address book
  • Send e-mails to multiple contacts simultaneously
  • Reminders for contact-linked events


  • Visualize your schedule by day, week, month, and year
  • Over 2,500 designed layouts
  • Create a PDF to e-mail to friends and family

Advanced Layouts & Printing

  • Over 2,500 printing layouts
  • 15 new calendar themes plus a create-your-own-theme option
  • Save and send as a PDF

Print to Day-Timer®, Day Runner® & Franklin™

  • Print pages tailored to fit your favorite paper organizer
  • Print directly to envelopes and Avery® labels for your next mailing


  • Keep a detailed record of every contact, including birthdays and anniversaries – even prepare a holiday card mailing
  • Keep history of meetings, tasks, and notes
  • Drag-and-drop to schedule calls
  • Add profile photos for each contact

World Clocks

  • Check the time anywhere in the world and know when to communicate
  • Place up to twelve clocks on your desktop
  • Keep local time in 850 global locations
  • Includes all time zones
  • Adjusts for Daylight Savings and displays day or night

Automated Alarms

  • Alarms remind you of important meetings, phone calls, deadlines, and anniversaries-so you’ll always be on time for important events
  • Use MP3 music as alarm ringtones
  • Set birthday reminders in advance
  • Snooze alarms by hours, days, or weeks
  • Send reminders by text message to your phone

Sticky Notes

  • Add quick reminders to desktop
  • Visible while working in other applications

Schedule Ticker

  • Visualize schedule as a scrolling horizontal/vertical ticker bar or screen saver
  • Displays upcoming events and to-do items
  • Personalize with photos, fonts and colors

Store Encrypted Information

  • Store confidential passwords, social security numbers, credit cards, serial numbers, PINs, logins, and account numbers and other private information
  • Encrypted file ensures data is safe and secure

Additional, Interest-Specific Calendars

  • NFL, NBA, NHL Schedules
  • Professional Golf Calendar
  • Major League Baseball
  • Merriam-Webster® Word-of-the-Day
  • International Holidays
  • Moon Phases
  • Celebrity Birthdays
  • Hotel and Travel Directory

Expense Reports, Notes & Journal

  • Generate personal and professional expense reports
  • Compose notes and lists
  • Keep a journal with automatic date and time stamps

Additional, Exclusive Time-Saving Features

Product Feature Bullets:

  • Advanced Find locates information quickly
  • Grouping shows information in different colors
  • Automatic date and time stamps
  • Graphs display available time
  • Spell checker

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • Processor support: 32 Bit • Recommended: Speakers or Headphones • Sound Card and Mouse

AnyTime® Organizer 12 - Awards

“The true strength of AnyTime is in its usability. Almost anyone can be up and running productively within a matter of minutes.”
—Portable Computing

“AnyTime allows easy entry to the world of planning. Its simplicity and price make it the most accessible of full-featured personal information managers.”
—Computer Shopper

“AnyTime is a colorful organizer that combines the familiarity of paper tools with the ease of computers.”
—PC Laptop

“This user-friendly personal information manager tracks calendar details, to-do’s, addresses, and notes in one central location.”
—Home Office Computing

“AnyTime is an easy-to-use, full-featured daily planner and organizer. This program has all the bells and whistles of other daily planner software without the extra cost.”
—BVS Reviews

“…an excellent tool for small businesses… to schedule meetings for busy people whose individual schedules are all over the place.”
—PC User Group, Bits & Bytes

“AnyTime has a reputation as an extremely easy-to-use and flexible product, accommodating different work styles.”
—Computer & Entertainment Retailing

“Securely Store Passwords & Logins. Never forget another password, login, or account number again! AnyTime Password Organizer is a powerful and secure password manager that stores your confidential passwords, social security numbers, logins, serial numbers, credit cards, PINs, and other private information in an encrypted file so that your data is safe and secure.”
—PC Laptop

“As a busy mom, AnyTime helps me stay on top of my kids’ sports schedules, school assignments, chores, meals, and doctor appointments.”
—Julie Spencer, Working Mother

“We schedule everything… court appearances, depositions, and client meetings. I have a separate to-do list for each case and have never missed a filing deadline.”
—Julian M. Anderson, Esq., Attorney