Company Overview

Individual Software is a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software and apps for consumers, schools, businesses, and government. The Company has empowered millions of home, school, and office computer users to excel in their daily lives and has provided essential computer training and career development solutions to thousands of Fortune 500 corporations, colleges and universities, and career centers. Founded in 1981, Individual Software Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Livermore, California.

Individual Software’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and value is demonstrated in over 100 software products, apps, and web-based services. Affordable, high-quality software titles provide education and training, develop computer skills, facilitate career development, and help people and businesses achieve success, but for this many businesses need an initial investment. Individual Software has won numerous awards for its desktop software and web-based solutions from industry associations, publications, resellers, and distributors.

Consumer Software Products

Computer Training
Professor Teaches® is the #1 brand of interactive computer training for the leading software applications of Microsoft®, Adobe, and Intuit. Professor Teaches courses offer a complete training solution, from beginner to advanced topics, with hundreds of practical exercises designed to help users build essential skills quickly and effectively for over sixty titles. Unlike a videotape or classroom, users receive immediate and practical experience, which rapidly increases productivity.

Resume & Career Development
ResumeMaker® is the #1 selling career development and job search software for Windows and Mac desktop, iPad, Android, and Kindle. ResumeMaker and CV Maker include powerful features that help job seekers write better resumes, land better jobs, and earn higher salaries, including ResumeMaker On-the-Go App. Whether candidates are actively searching for work, ready to advance their career, or updating their resume, job seekers trust ResumeMaker more than any other brand.

Typing Instructor
Typing Instructor™ is the number one best selling brand of typing software. Typing Instructor™ Platinum and Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum, are designed for retail and e-commerce distribution for individuals, and also for school districts, schools, and organizations. The software is available in Windows and Mac desktop, network, and on the web. Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure is designed for children ages 6 to 12, with colorful animations and an exciting enchantment theme to engage young typists. The software is powered by Typing Instructor. Typing Quick & Easy and Typing Instructor for Business also help students, business professionals, and home users improve their keyboarding skills and become more productive at home and in the office. For beginners to experienced typists, Typing Instructor improves skills while making learning fast, easy, and fun.

Personal Organizer
AnyTime™ Organizer and Organizer Pro are the easiest-to-use personal organizers available to both home users and business professionals. These organizers include all the powerful tools business professionals and home office users need to keep track of their schedule, to-do list, contacts, expenses, and notes, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.

Home & Garden Design
Total 3D™ Home and Landscape Design products provide all the tools that home owners need to quickly visualize home improvement and landscape projects. Whether they are remodeling a house, decorating a room, or designing a dream home and landscape, everything is included. Users can view photo-realistic images of improvements to a home’s interior and exterior bringing their imagination to life.

Genealogy & Family Trees
Family Tree™ Heritage provides FREE access to the world’s largest genealogy database! Searches to the database require just one click from the software interface. All the tools family researchers need to discover information about their ancestors and build their tree are provided to uncover the rich and exciting family stories and to preserve their heritage for future generations. This innovative program has everything a genealogist needs to research, discover, organize, and share their family’s history.

Photo & Video Creativity
The Photo Expressions Suite including PhotoStudio Expressions Platinum 6, Photo Expressions Platinum, Video Expressions Platinum, Media Expressions Platinum, and SlideShow Expressions Deluxe, are easy-to-learn digital programs with multiple features for home users. Powerful editing tools and special effects provide everything you need to create impressive projects to share in person or online with family and friends.

Business Planning & Business Tools
For entrepreneurs and business owners who are starting a new business or expanding an existing organization, Business PlanMaker™ Professional helps create professional business plans that ensure financial success. BizTools Pro, Small Business Advantage, and other Business Software provide businesses with all of the resources they need to build and grow their business or launch a new business and be ready for every opportunity to grow their company!

Easy Language
The Easy Language series provides programs for learning Spanish, English, French, and German. The Easy Language series is the #1 Immersion Learning System. The flexible immersion learning places you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. No other language series offers more personalization or tailors your learning objectives to your specific needs.

Company History

Since 1981, Individual Software has been a leading provider of award-winning educational, business, and personal productivity software. Jo-L Hendrickson, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Individual Software, recognized that people were eager to learn and take advantage of the power the personal computer had to offer. Realizing the need for basic information and computer training, Hendrickson led the development of Individual Software’s first product, PC Instructor, which is widely recognized as the first, commercially successful PC-based training software. Subsequent products, such as the Professor Teaches series and Typing Instructor helped the company grow for the next decade.

In 1989, Individual Software expanded into personal and business productivity software with ResumeMaker, the flagship of its personal productivity product line, cited as a “blockbuster”, by the New York Times. In 1992, Individual Software introduced AnyTime Organizer, the #1 best-selling personal organizer, and the popular genealogy product, Family Tree Heritage.

Through the decade of the 1990’s, Individual Software developed a suite of innovative tools to enhance each line of best-selling software and invented several technologies that are patented. The Company continues its success with consumer products garnering market shares within their respective categories in the consumer retail channel and e-commerce sales. The Company also developed a business training division to provide training solutions for corporate needs in the business-to-business market.

With the proliferation of the Internet, Individual Software transitioned its career development, typing instruction, and training solutions into web-based services, allowing users to access these products and services directly through the Internet. Corporations can also provide training to employees via their intranet or network.

Individual Software is continuing to add new product lines and enhance products with increased research and technology. The Professor Teaches training and Typing Instructor dominate the market in addition to the continuing success of ResumeMaker and AnyTime Organizer, and the addition of Easy Language and Business Planning & Tools products.