Our products are available in several countries from many local resellers. Currently, they are only available in English. If you would like the contact information for any particular country, please send an e-mail inquiry to Please include the following information.

  1. The name of the product – Do you want a consumer version product (single-user) or a business/corporate (multi-user) training product? We have two different product lines sold by different resellers.
  2. The name of your country – If we do not have a reseller in your country, perhaps a reseller in a nearby country could ship to you.

You may also order directly from our web site. Just click the PC/Mac Disc or PC/Mac Download button underneath any consumer software product listing and follow the instructions. Please note the cost of freight – which will probably be higher than ordering from your own country or region.

Our business hours are 0800 to 1730 hours (Pacific Standard Time). We also offer after hours voice mail so that you may leave a message, however, we recommend using e-mail.

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Technical Support
Please fill out the Service Request Form.