Typing Instructor for Kids features 11 Custom Typing Plans.

These eleven distinct adventures, or typing plans, allow kids to follow step-by-step learning plans for their unique skill level.

Each plan was designed with the youngest typists in mind, to create the foundation for more proficient typing.

Typing Instructor for Kids’ Typing Plans:

  1. Learning the Home Row
  2. Home Row and Upper Row options
  3. Home Row and Lower Row
  4. Ages 7 – 8 Plan
  5. Ages 9 – 10 Plan
  6. Games Plan
  7. Skill Building Plan
  8. Suggested Typing Plan (no games)
  9. Suggested Typing Plan
  10. Numeric Keypad Plan
  11. Numeric Keypad Plan (numbers only)

Kids can choose, or be assigned, a plan that is just right for them. If a plan is too easy or too difficult, just have them return to the Typing Plans area from the Map Room and select a different plan! Or they can change their Skill Level setting. This way they will build their confidence and their skills before graduating to a more challenging plan, and young typists can work at a slower pace and learn just a few keys at a time until they are ready to advance to a new, more challenging plan!

Another Tip:

Kids can choose to learn in English or Spanish! First, select to install English, Spanish, or both! When users select Spanish from the Language toggle on the Settings screen, Toby and Lafitte will provide Spanish voice-over instruction. The user interface also switches for ease of navigation for Spanish speaking users.