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See it. Hear it. Say it. Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

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Easy Spanish™ Platinum, designed by university language experts, is an interactive learning system that’s proven to teach you Spanish quickly and easily. With progressive learning lessons, speech recognition technology, and immersion learning, you’ll have everything you need to become fluent in Spanish. Build your vocabulary, practice real-world conversations, and perfect your pronunciation.

Beyond Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

  • Pronunciation Workshop
  • Simulated Conversations
  • Interactive Dictionary
  • Games to Reinforce Skills
  • Cultural Movies

Tailor Learning to Your Specific Needs

  • Pre-Assessment Testing
  • Adjustable Plans
  • Subject-Specific Courses
  • Speech Analysis with Voice Recording & Playback
  • Track Your Progress

The Flexible Immersion System™ places you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. Input your specific language objectives for personalized learning – you’ll learn exactly what you need for travel, business, or school, right when you need it.

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
Develop your skills with four levels of progressive learning, intermediate, and advanced lessons, vocabulary exercises, and interactive games.

Learn at the Computer, While Driving, or on a Device
Includes both DVD & MP3 options, so that you can learn on the computer, while driving, or on a mobile device.

Develop Conversational Skills
Build fundamental vocabulary and gain the confidence to hold a conversation, ask questions, and interact in common situations.

Interactive Scenarios for Immersion Learning!
Converse with characters in real-life scenarios based on the most common travel situations.

Perfect Your Accent in the Pronunciation Workshop!
Improve your pronunciation with 3D phonetic diagrams that illustrate the correct movement of the mouth, lips, and tongue. Advanced speech analysis compares your voice with a native speaker’s to perfect your accent.

Learn through Cultural Movies
Enrich your learning. Discover the traditions, vivid imagery, and rich history of Spanish culture with documentary-style movies, narrated in Spanish by a native speaker.

Language Workshops
See it-Hear it-Say it! Fine tune your accent in the speech lab. Record your voice and use advanced speech analysis tools to compare your pronunciation with native speakers. It’s the fastest way to improve your accent and achieve conversational fluency!

Language Workshops
Start by learning basic words and phrases, and then advance to scenario-based conversations. Workshops include vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and interactive simulations.

Games & Activities
Interactive, multi-level games such as Go Fish, Hangman, and Crossword Puzzles add entertainment while reinforcing language skills.

Oral & Written Lessons
Proven and effective lessons emphasize sentence structure, language rules, and vocabulary foundation. Includes printable exercises and a comprehensive online reference book.

Microsoft® Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8 • 128 MB RAM • 1.2 GB Available Hard Disk Space • SVGA Graphics • DVD-ROM • Mouse • Windows Sound Card • Internet Access
Recommended: Microphone for Speech Recognition • Mobile Device for playing MP3 files

Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors.

Recommended for Travel

Before our vacation, neither of us knew any Spanish… in just a few hours, Easy Languages taught us everything we needed for the trip.

J.& D. Harrison, San Diego, California
Recommended for Business

As a small business owner, this software was essential to help me expand my business internationally into several new countries

R. Gecko, Houston, TX
Recommended for Students

…it’s never been easier for me to fine tune my pronunciation-even better than school. I’ve polished up my accent and sound just like a local.

H. Colmbes, Miami, Florida

16 reviews for Easy Spanish™ Platinum

  1. Carrie Lamar

    User friendly interface and had me speaking basic Spanish in no time!

    I’ve been pleased with my Individual Software Easy Spanish Platinum 11 software. I did the direct download option and I did have a few challenges getting it installed. First, yes, you need to have QuickTime but it’s a commonly used software so I didn’t have any reservations doing that. After downloading that I had to restart my computer – that is very important because the Spanish software didn’t recognize the QuickTime until I did this. After restarting the computer and the Spanish software I was finally able to enter my registration key which didn’t but after contacting tech support via email I had a new code within 24 hours and was ready to learn! The interface is very user friendly and easy to use. Make sure that when you are taking the assessment test that you don’t guess at answers – if you know the answer great, but don’t just guess and hope otherwise you skew your results and where you should start. You will need to be able to speak into you computer, so if you don’t have a microphone built in you will need one. Living in Texas, the need to know Spanish is only get higher but so is the cost of other name branded software which really wasn’t an option for my wallet. I have completed the first several levels and been pleased so far considering how inept I am at learning Spanish as I have tried in a classroom setting and it was just too overwhelming. Being able to do this in the comfort of my own home at my own pace with other others around me which can be intimidating as I practice the correct pronunciations is wonderful thing. It will take time and practice but I am confident that I will be able to learn basic Spanish and be able to have simple conversations. I did receive this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review which I have provided.

  2. Wayne

    Nice product. With time I’m sure it will help me learn Spanish.

    This course is easy to install and use. With a microphone, I got one from Amazon for like $4, the software will display how close your pronunciation is to a natives using a gauge similar to a speedometer. The whole thing is intuitive. I also picked up a phrase book from Amazon for $2 so I can study during breaks at work.

    2 people found this helpful

  3. opus

    Yes – value!

    Great idea…. gifted my friend to assist in her job

    One person found this helpful

  4. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars

    I like it but wish I has more time to use it.

  5. Marybeth Horton

    Great Spanish learning opportunity!

    I’m using this program (after trying other programs) to learn Spanish and it definitely exceeds the others. It’s very well organized including interaction with Spanish speakers to help with your accent. The grammar lessons are repitive and sequential to help develop necessary skills. I highly recommend this Spanish program!

  6. soflITguy

    a decent start… good price

    its ok to start learning.. but you will need much more soon

    2 people found this helpful

  7. AmazonCustomer

    just started. you can practice & review as long …

    just started . you can practice & review as long as you want to until you feel ready to move on to the next level.

    One person found this helpful

  8. pinecitymama

    Five Stars

    very good language course,easy to follow.

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  9. Richard P. Nayduch

    easy spanish

    just started using easy spanish. so far so good.can’t wait till i can speak some spanish .i work with a number of spanish speaking people and look foward to speaking with them.

    3 people found this helpful

  10. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    It was an all over good experience :)regardsJuri […]

  11. robert

    This is a fun language software

    This is a fun language software! I like the meter that lets you know how close you are to right pronounciation!:)

    One person found this helpful

  12. James L. Yepsen

    Very good CD for learning Spanish

    Pretty happy with this product, I had one like it several years ago for Windows XP and I enjoyed that I could click on a word and it would pronounce the word in Spanish and I like the fact it has a meter to show when you speak into the microphone if you’re new or fluent. You can learn the numbers, the alphabet and it gives you test to see how well you are learning. Worth the money

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  13. Serpico36

    Learning the basics

    This software is well worth the price, I like it.

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  14. dlb


    still can’t speak Spanish, but that’s my bad

  15. Amazon Customer

    Helped Me Learn Spanish!

    This product was an interactive and fun introduction to Spanish that helped me work on my pronunciation. I love the microphone feature. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an engaging way to learn the language.

  16. Homestead Dad

    We use for Homeschool language class

    I got this for my kids. We homeschool and while my wife and I both speak Spanish to varying degrees we wanted something else, and preferably something more interactive than a text book. This fits the bill. The kids love it, they really enjoy speaking Spanish into the microphone and seeing if they got the pronunciation correct with the audible tone directly afterwards. You are able to create different profiles for each person so your progress is saved. For the price, I think this is a great starter to intermediate Spanish language teacher.

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