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OrgChart Platinum can quickly assemble your organizational structure charts from your HR data or company directory. It can be used for budgeting, staffing, and succession planning. Your org charts can be easily shared throughout the company. OrgChart Platinum is the best tool to visualize, communicate and manage the key working relationships of your company’s precious resource – your employees.

  • Easy Chart Creation & Publishing. Take data from a spreadsheet or any payroll system or Human Resource Information System to automatically create charts.  Publish to interactive PDF, the web, or Microsoft Office.
  • View Critical Talent Information. Display any employee attribute (e.g., performance ratings, potential successors for key roles, etc.). Identify employees with specific characteristics (e.g., high potentials) through color coding and then view the comprehensive talent profile on each employee through single-click access.
  • View Talent Gaps. Identify areas of the organization which may lack critical competencies, individuals filling key roles, future successors, or potentially “at-risk” employee groups.
  • Export in Multiple File Formats.  Export your organizational chart to PDF, PowerPoint, and the Web for executive presentations and further planning and analysis.
  • Model Promotion Scenarios.  Determine the resulting structure within various functions if certain individuals are promoted or moved from one department to another.
  • Presentation Flexibility. OrgChart allows you to define and implement your own rules to create your own look and feel for your charts.
  • View “What if?” Scenarios. Change in positions, salaries, and other human resource-related scenarios and how they will impact the organization.

Maybe your HR data is not perfect?  Do not let bad information hold up getting your org charts right and prevent you from gaining insight into your enterprise. Our proprietary Data Import Technology is the best in the industry. Now you can “clean” and import your HR data with ease.

Gain insight into your organization. Monitor key metrics, visualize your organization and automate your workforce planning scenarios. Tackle complex workforce issues with OrgChart Platinum’s HR Analytic engine. OrgChart gives you the ability to plan, visualize and monitor your organization and its key metrics.

Whether you are presenting to the Board of Directors, the Management Team, the Managers or Employees, OrgChart helps you present the Organization as you want others to see it.

With OrgChart Platinum you have options.  Create your org chart manually by dragging and dropping boxes onto the canvas, or… import data from your Payroll System, HR Database, or any Spreadsheet.  Sound complicated?  It is not; our Import wizard makes it very easy.

Easily “drill-down” to all levels within the organization as well as from one business unit to another; alternate between chart view and list view for a streamlined display of reporting relationships.

OrgChart Platinum has new calculations that let you view your workforce with greater granularity information about people, costs vs. performance, salaries, and span of control.

Organization Charts are always kept up to date using data synchronization.  You can be confident that any charts you are sharing perfectly reflect your data source.

Microsoft® Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8 • 139 MB Hard Disk Space • CD-ROM Drive • 800 x 600, 16-Bit or Higher Display • 16-Bit Sound Card • Speakers or Headphones • Mouse. Internet Connection required for activation.

OrgChart Platinum

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