Kid’s Typing Bundle (Windows)

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Family License for 5 users; 2 best sellers bundled together covering ages 5-7 and ages 7-12.

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Product Description.

Kids learn to type on an exciting adventure with Mickey Mouse and Friends, or on Typer Island with Toby and his feathered side-kick Lafitte. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to keep typing to uncover clues and reach the Castle or the Palace where more rewards await them!

Kids learn to type by choosing one of 11 age-appropriate Typing Plans for specific age groups, beginning with the Home Row Plan for young children. Kids can improve their typing skills quickly and see immediate results. There are a variety of ways to practice typing, with games, lessons, drills, advanced skill-building lessons and challenges, plus engaging Practice Stories once kids have learned all the keys on the keyboard. Typing games are automatically played with just the keys the student has learned so far, an exclusive feature.

  • Multiple typing Plans for all ages and skill levels
  • Visual guide hands
  • Hundreds of lessons & challenges
  • Reports on progress, speed, and accuracy
  • Fun and exciting typing games
  • Play games with just learned keys
  • Practice typing with passages from favorite stories or magazine articles
Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure
Pentium® P4 • Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • 700MB Hard Drive Space • DVD-ROM Drive • 1280 x 720 16-Bit or Higher Display Recommended • 16-Bit Sound Card • Speakers or Headphones • Mouse • Internet Access Required for Activation

Typing Adventure for Kids Platinum
Pentium® P4 • Microsoft® Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8 • 480 MB Hard Disk Space • CD-ROM Drive • 800 x 600, 16-Bit or Higher Display • 16-Bit Sound Card • Speakers or Headphones • Mouse

Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors.

Quotes and awards may refer to previous Typing Instructor programs. This version of Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum was created using the same methods and technologies.

*Money Back Guarantee! We guarantee this product to have the latest technology, and to be the highest quality kid’s typing program available on the market today! If you don’t agree this is the best learn to type program available today, you will receive your money back from Individual Software-no questions asked!

31 reviews for Kid’s Typing Bundle (Windows)

  1. lumin8tor

    A fun way to learn

    There are only so many ways to make learning typing fun. These programs are great. I’ve used both for my daughter. We only just begun but both are very similar. Games and lessons are easy to access.For installation- Follow the directions!! I’m very tech savvy and I tried to short cut my way through and it only caused problems. Follow the directions give to Run D:/Setup and it will be smooth sailing. I have had no problems since except that the screen is small on my resolution. It is an easy fix by just using my windows zoom Feature to 175%.

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  2. J m

    Grandkids seem to be enjoying it

    As described installed easy

  3. Kelley Geralds

    Great for all ages

    We got this to add to our homeschool experience! My older girls love the typing adventure for extra fun and to build their speed. My 7 year old son loves Mickey! They keep him encouraged! The first challenge for him has been difficult, he does great with accurate but his speed drops a tad: other than that small frustration on his end, it’s been great

  4. Jessica Humphrey

    Makes learning fun!

    Is as advertised. I bought this for home school and feel like its sufficient enough for now.

  5. Jason and Faith Petty

    Mom and kid approved

    Did the free trial and then bought the game! Kid approved for fun and mom approved for school and learning. My sons been over Mickey for a long time but still loves the game that was a big concern

  6. Lisa Folk


    Installed on 2 different computers. A desktop and a laptop. Program freezes in the same spot and the screen goes black. Have to close and reopen the program to get it to work again.

  7. J. M.

    Customer Service is Amazing and I Would Recommend

    Product came exactly as described and worked as described but was is equally note-worthy is their customer service.I won’t disclose my reason for contacting customer support because it was my fault, not theirs, and has nothing to do with the product itself – but I want to take the opportunity to say that I reached out to CS and immediately got help from 3 different avenues and the help I was given was more plentiful than needed! I really appreciated the professionalism and the want of their team to help their customer even when it wasn’t the companies responsibility! I would recommend!

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  8. Michele

    Fun typing game

    I got this cd because my 17 year old still types with two fingers and my 6 year old is interested in typing. My 17 year old enjoyed trying to increase her typing speed and accuracy. My 6 year old got bored. He just wanted to press keys. I, however, enjoyed practicing my typing while my son was learning virtually in the other room. I thought it was fun and challenging and I even got a certificate. 62 WPM and 100% accuracy. I recommend.

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  9. Laura S. Keaveny

    Great customer support!

    Great product and great customer support. I had a problem with my activation key and Joe Farmer got it squared away instantly. My son was typing minutes after I called. Thanks!

  10. X


    Son loves it and learned how to type in one weekend. He still plays it because it’s fun.

  11. M. Veras

    Typing for kids

    Great item for kids now in days.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Just what I was looking for.

    Using this to homeschool my 5 kids. Looks like it will work just fine.

  13. Anquineice W.

    Great learning tool

    My children and I love this game. Very helpful during COVID-19 to get my children familiar with the keyboard and improving all of our typing skills.

  14. John Niederhaus

    Installer initially failed, but software ended up working great

    Tried twice with no success to launch the installer on my son’s Windows 10 laptop. It seemed to freeze Windows Explorer. Actually it just took a very long time to run and I had been impatient. Contacted Individual Software technical support, and they replied in 1 day. But by then it was up and running anyway. My son is using it happily and learning to type.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Could be better!

    My son actually liked this program. However, if you ask me…the price could be a little less.

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  16. Heather Heikoop


    Using it for my kids with visual issues to learn to type.

  17. A-ron

    My kids love it

    My kids have done each program twice now (7&9) they love it and are getting much faster at typing

  18. Mary Sousis

    Learning to type and loving it

    My 10 yo loves this program and uses it almost every day.

  19. OshGosh

    Easy to use , setup and learn

    One of the best and easiest to use programs to learn to type, 8yr old is loving the setup.. and is eager to learn more typing skills everyday!! Highly recommend!!!!!

  20. Cara

    My kids love it and are learning a lot!

    This is a really fun and well structured typing program. My kids (ages 4-9) are excited about doing their typing lessons each day, and there are several ways to personalize their accounts for their needs/level. (Btw, so far we have only used the Mickey typing program from thus bundle).

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  21. Carrie Charles

    My Kids love it!

    I love that it’s simple, yet still fun for my young kids to use. I also love that they can’t access the games until they have 90% proficiency on each lesson. Once they have mastered each lesson you can raise the bar from easy to not so easy. A little old fashioned, but my kids dont know the difference and hey who doesn’t love Mickey and the gang?

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  22. C. Moran



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  23. Joe M

    support was fantastic!

    We had a problem with the activation key. Joe Farmer at Individual Software was able to activate us. Very professional! Support was outstanding! Thanks Joe!

  24. mel


    My seven and 11 year old like these typing programs. They both get their game faces on and are proud and excited to show me when they have beat the words per minute goals. The software is designed so that the kids can stop at any point and pick up where they left off.

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  25. Arockhill


    Alight alright, alright…After being tossed around by amazon automated answering machines and a few middle eastern companies for customer service my call finally landed on the desk of @Joe Farmer. One might call him an average Joe based out of California, USA looking to help out the novice Pandemic Homeschooling Parent that has absolutely bitten off more than she could chew. He quickly and efficiently solved my dud activation key problem with a sparkly brand new one in all of 45 seconds on the phone. What a freakin GEM Joe Farmer is. His software distributing company outta give this guy a raise or a beer or SOMETHING.Keep being amazing, Joe Farmer. Thanks for your help teaching my kids to type like the pros. Keep your fingers crossed one of them makes the big time like Bill Gates and I get into the best nursing home there is.

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  26. Judith J. Onslow

    The company Indiviual Software is very responsive.

    The company Individual Software is very responsive – having a problem with Amazon and a refund – Indiviual Software resolved it.

  27. Marissa Godinez

    Bland but effective

    My daughter got a bit bored with it quickly but I can see progress. As a kid learning typing I remember the games the most. I think it would definitely be a 5 star product if there were more games. But it is a great price for the 2 products combined.

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  28. LoganG

    Good for beginners

    Good product for beginners, we haven’t used the more advanced program yet, just the basic Mickey one so far. My 8 year old is enjoying it enough and is progressing well.

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  29. Monica M.

    Important skill

    Bought this for my 7 year old son, he likes it. The motor skill is hard for him but the programs are very nice.

  30. Mitu

    Thank you

    Tech support was awesome 👌my son loves it!

  31. Amazon Customer

    Great typing tutorial for younger children!

    Bought this for my 9 year old. The Mickey’s typing adventure is more learning, especially in the beginning. It takes a lot of lessons before you can unlock the mini games. My child liked the typing instructor more because it has several games that you can play right away. Both a great instructional tools for typing.

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