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Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure
Starring Mickey Mouse and Friends

Kids are Taught to Type
in the Exciting World
of Typelandia!

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Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure
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Motivating Enchantment Theme—Help Mickey's Friends and be the Hero!
There are strange things happening in Typelandia. A mysterious magical spell is causing all kinds of problems. Daisy was in the Garden and Minnie was at the Wishing Well when something went wrong. Mickey's friends are in trouble and they need your help! Use the keyboard to type your way around Typelandia. As you learn to type, the keyboard magic will free Mickey's friends from the strange enchantment. You are the hero—Mickey's friends are counting on you to help them!

Animations with your Favorite Disney Characters!
Typelandia is full of exciting animations of Mickey Mouse and friends. Kids will be delighted with Huey, Dewey, Louie and Daisy in the Garden, Donald at the Cottage, Minnie at the Wishing Well, Pluto at the Big Tree, Goofy at the Mine, and more!

Typelandia is an Exciting Place to Learn to Type!
Typelandia is an exciting place to learn to type. Kids begin their adventure at the Village where they can visit Ye Old Magic Shoppe, the Arcade, the Library, and the Academy.

Proven Educational Design
Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure has a proven educational design* that teaches kids all of the letters on the keyboard as they type their way to each exciting destination in Typelandia! They will be taught proper typing posture and finger placement following one of 11 Typing Courses for their age and skill level. When they pass the lessons and challenges in each destination in Typelandia at proficient speed and accuracy they become touch-typists!

Instant Results Give Kids Incentive to Improve Keyboarding Skills
Kids get instant feedback on their typing results. They can see how they did on a lesson, challenge, or game right away. They receive information on each of the following. All results are printable.
  • Word per minute (WPM) scores & accuracy percentages
  • The results from all typing activities
  • Their performance results for key, finger, hand & row

    Creative Lessons and Exercises Help Kids Learn to Type
    Step-by-Step Typing Instruction is provided, including proper posture, finger position, and ergonomic features. Visual Guides show finger/key placement.

    Practice, Practice, Practice!
    Typelandia is a fun place to practice typing. Kids reinforce finger-to-key memory skills by playing typing games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned. When they learn the entire keyboard they can practice typing passages from their favorite Disney Stories.

    Practice Typing Passages from 10 Disney Stories!
  • Pinocchio
  • Princess and the Frog
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Tangled
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Cinderella
  • Aladdin
  • The Lion King
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • The Jungle Book

    The Features of Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure
    Customized Typing Courses
    Exclusive! Choose from over 11 customized Typing Courses for specific ages and skill levels!
  • Learning the Home Row
  • Home Row and Upper Row
  • Home Row and Lower Row
  • Ages 7-8
  • Ages 9-10
  • Games Course
  • Skill Building Course
  • Suggested Typing Course (no games)
  • Suggested Typing Course
  • Numeric Keypad Course
  • Numeric Keypad Numbers Only Course

  • Structured content
  • 160 Lessons
  • Proven methods for skill-building
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Guide hands for all keyboards

    Typing Challenges
    There are hundreds of challenges that measure speed and accuracy. Results are provided for adjusted words per minute, based on both typing accuracy and speed.
  • 7 Exciting Typing Games
  • Advanced challenges
  • Proficiency challenges
  • Advancement level challenges

    Progress & Results
  • Instantly tracks results!
  • WPM scores and accuracy percentages
  • Performance assessment for key, finger, hand, and row
  • Results calculated from all activities
  • Color progress charts and graphs
  • Printable results
  • Certificates of Achievement

    Motivational Practice Activities
  • Practice how to type and ergonomics
  • Practice games in the Village Arcade and in the Palace Arcade
  • Practice typing passages from 10 classic Disney Stories
  • Advanced skill-building lessons and challenges

    Games Provide Fun Ways for Kids to Practice Typing
    Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure has exciting Typing Games! Kids can play games in a variety of ways by selecting options from the drop down menu, including words per minute (WPM) and level of difficulty. Some games include multiple levels of play. Kids score points on all game activities which motivates them to achieve a high game score!

    Certificates of Achievement
    Kids can print a certificate of achievement to show they have successfully reached the Palace and freed Mickey's friends from the enchantment—and become the Hero of Typelandia!

    Charts and Feedback
    Detailed results show kids the keys they know well and the keys that need more practice.

    Coloring Pages of Disney Characters
    Kids can print a coloring page of their favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse and friends, or characters from Disney Stories.

    Personal License
    Using this software, you have agreed to a Personal License. You may install and use the software on a single computer and on a second alternative computer. You are also entitled to family usage on that single computer not to exceed 5 family members. If you are an organization or school, please purchase a Multi User desktop, network or web version, designed for multiple users. For a Multi User License call 925-734-6767.

    *Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure is powered by Typing Instructor®, winner of numerous awards including the TopTenReviews Gold Award for Best Typing Software, 2009 – 2013.

    System Requirements
    • Pentium® p4 • Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows 7, Vista, or XP • 700MB Hard Drive space • DVD-ROM Drive • 1280 x 720 16 Bit or Higher Display recommended • 16-bit Sound Card • Speakers or headphones • Mouse • Internet access required for activation
  • Screen Shots

    Solve the mysterious enchantment in Typelandia! Help Mickey’s friends make it to the Palace for a sensational celebration at the Faire.

    Oh no! Something is not quite right. Donald needs your help! Can you help him?

    Kids begin their Adventure at the Village in Typelandia.

    Visit Ye Old Magic Shoppe in the Village. The Shopkeeper will join you in a crystal ball on your journey through Typelandia and guide you step-by-step.

    Type the words before the enemies ruin your plans in Mickey Mouse and the Pyramid of Peril.

    Run Pluto Run builds typing speed and accuracy quickly!

    Build your typing speed and accuracy in the exciting game Quack Cottage.

    Play any game, like Spelunking, with just the keys you have learned.

    Play Target Typing! Build rhythm and master key proficiency skills by typing the targets in the gallery.

    Improve your letter and number skills with this fast-moving game. Catch the coins before they fall and earn points!

    Build finger-to-key memory as you collect the flowers before the gophers get them in Gopher Mania.


    Exciting typing games and activities at the Palace Faire!

    Typelandia is an exciting place to learn to type! Kids type to all destinations from the Village before they can get to the Palace and the Faire!

    Kids reinforce finger-to-key memory skills by playing typing games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned.

    Select from any of the 10 Disney Stories, like Tangled.

    Lessons include step-by-step instruction with visual guide hands.

    Kids get instant feedback on all typing activities. Performance assessments are provided by key, finger, hand, and row.

    The Lesson Results provide instant feedback on words per minute, adjusted words per minute, and accuracy.

    Select a page to color from Disney Stories and Characters.

    Awards & Reviews

    Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure is powered by Typing Instructor®, the Best-Selling and Award-Winning Typing Instruction Program. Typing Instructor has received the following prestigious awards.

    Volume Licensing

    This product is licensed for personal use only. It is illegal for single user software to be used for multiple users. Volume License pricing and Multi-User Licenses are available for Business, Government, and Education.

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