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Total 3D™ Home Design


Total 3D Home, Landscape
& Deck Premium Suite 11.0

Why Move? Improve! With
Design Green Tips & Videos

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Why Move? Improve!
Only Total 3D Home, Landscape & Deck's unique, user-friendly design helps you get started quickly. Premium Suite makes updating or building easy-no design experience necessary! Drawing your room, selecting flooring and cabinetry, choosing a color palette, and furnishings are all just a few clicks away. Plus, Design Green tips and videos offer alternative, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly choices for your home. No other home design software is easier to use!

• Design Green tips to save energy and money
• 3D Design Interactions
• 3D Aerial Views & Fly-Through
• 2D Elevation & Floor Plans
• 14,000 Sample Home & Garden Plans
• Over 2500 Showcase Homes & Landscapes
• Digital Photo Import
• Advanced Shading & Lighting
• Sunrise & Sunset Simulation
• Custom Doors, Windows & Roofs
• Designer Showrooms & Gardens
• Colors, Patterns & Textures
• Floors & Carpets
• Smart Color Coordinator™
• Room Decoration & Arrangement
• Window Treatment Design Center
• Complete Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
• Advanced Terrain Tools
• Patios, Driveways, Walkways & Steps
• Pools, Ponds, Streams & Spas
• Walls, Fences, Gates & Railings
• Comprehensive Plant Encyclopedia
• Advanced Irrigation Systems
• Decks, Balconies & Porches

Get Started Right Away
Other brands can be complex and difficult to use. Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck with its user-friendly design helps you get to work on your design projects right away. No other home design software is this easy.

Quick Plan Designer
Simply drag and drop Smart RoomBlocks™ and Smart YardBlocks™ to create complex rooms, decks, and pools in seconds.

Easy Blueprints
Scan, sketch, or import a picture of your dream home, interior space, or landscape, and Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck instantly generates a blueprint for you.

20,000 Brand-Name Product Catalog
Furnish your virtual spaces with all the right appliances. No other software provides you with such a comprehensive product catalog from leading manufacturers. See what they will look like in your home before you buy.

Site Planning & Estimating
Create designs that fulfill your dreams without breaking your budget. Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck automatically tracks estimated and actual costs of materials and labor.

Powerful Design Tools Made Easy
• Digitize Objects & Textures
• Automatic Room & Wall Generators
• Custom Wall Height, Width & Angles
• Snap-To Guides with Settings
• Instant Measurements
• Detailed Plan Notation Tools
• Step-by-Step Guides
• Video Tutorials

Interior Design
Wouldn't it be great if you could know beforehand which wall colors clash with your living room furniture and spare yourself such costly mistakes? Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck makes this possible. Imagine how much time and money you can save by experimenting with different interior color schemes and furniture arrangements. Get it right the first time with Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck.

Designer Decorating
Add flair to your interiors. Design and decorate virtual rooms with paint, textures, fabrics, wallpaper, and flooring. Save your designs and share them with family and friends.

Window & Door Design Center
Wake up your windows and doors. Try out new ideas for shades, valances, panels, and experiment with different colors and patterns. The creative possibilities are endless.

Fresh Paint Colors
Plan and visualize before you paint. Mix and match textures, roofs, siding, and trim for accurate simulations. Try different colors on interiors and exteriors and get creative.

Kitchen & Bath
The heart of every home is the kitchen, and every bath should be a sanctuary. With Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck, you can design the perfect kitchen & bath and finally make your house a home.

Your Dream Kitchen
Designing the perfect kitchen has never been easier. Experiment with different countertops, appliances, fixtures, and cabinetry in seconds and find the perfect combination.

Bath Perfection
Start planning the perfect bath today. Select the best cabinets, shower/tub system, and the most flattering fixtures. Just drag-and-drop objects to render realistic 3D models.

Landscape & Deck
Whether you are looking to design a garden that will thrive in the climate and soil conditions where you live or a deck and patio to entertain your family and friends in style, Total 3D™ Home, Landscape & Deck is the right place to start. All the tools you need to prepare your outdoor projects for construction are right here.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces
Create beautiful, outdoor living spaces that are the envy of the neighborhood. Design the perfect deck, patio, or pool with 3D Patio & Deck Designer. Include pathways, gardens, fences, tables, chairs, grills, pools, and fountains—whatever comes to mind.

Advanced Terrain Features
Identify the unique contours and elevations of your yard with advanced terrain features. Add hills, berms, terraces, and other topographical elements. Mold the size, shape, and slope to your specifications.

Plant Encyclopedia
Browse 4,600 plants based on 20 different characteristics and plan the perfect garden. View photos, descriptions, and the botanical features of each species. It's the most powerful plant research tool available.

Irrigation Systems
Keep your yard healthy and beautiful by designing a custom irrigation system. Select from a variety of pipes and sprinkler heads that meet your irrigation needs.

System Requirements
• Pentium® III PC or faster • Windows® 7, Vista, 2000, or XP • 128MB RAM; 256MB Recommended • 1.8 GB free hard-disk space (Min. Install) • CD-ROM drive (DVD-ROM if installing from a DVD) • SVGA 800x600 and higher display, High Color (16-bit) required; True Color (24 or 32-bit) supported • DirectX8® compatible video and sound card
Printer support:
Works with most black and white and color printers supported by Windows®
• Modem and Internet Service Provider for product downloads
• Scanner or digital camera needed to import photos into the product

Screen Shots

Access & modify over 1000 professional
floor plans.

Personalize your design project
with easy interactions.

Provide comprehensive notation &
prepare your projects for success.

Render 3D models from multiple
perspectives to ensure perfection.

Scan your photos for accurate modeling.

Pick the best plants for your lawn &
garden with the Plant Encyclopedia.

Render 3D models of your outdoor project
& break ground with confidence.

Bring precision to your plans
& realize your vision.


Get inspired with over 2500 showcase
homes & landscapes.

Scan photos of furniture & bring them
into your virtual spaces.

Use the design center color boards to plan
every detail of your design project.

Create stunning 3D models of your
own private paradise.

Realize your vision & entertain your
family and friends in style.

Awards & Reviews

Individual Software's Best-Selling software has received numerous prestigious Awards & Reviews from leading publications.

Volume Licensing

This product is licensed for personal use only. It is illegal for single user software to be used for multiple users. Volume License pricing and Multi-User Licenses are available for Business, Government, and Education.

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