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Family Tree Heritage 7

Build Your Family Tree.
Preserve Your Heritage!

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Every family has unique stories and precious memories. Now you can discover the rich and exciting tales from your history and preserve your family heritage as a record for future generations. Whether you are new to genealogy or an experienced researcher, Family Tree Heritage makes it easy to preserve your family heritage and share your research with friends and family.

Build Your Family Tree. Preserve Your Heritage.
  • Easy to Use: Build your family tree using a simple interface, graphical tabs & easy-fill forms.
  • Accurate Import: Quickly & accurately import from any other major
    genealogy software.
  • FREE Search: Find your ancestors with FREE record collections—over 1
    Billion Records!
  • Charts & Reports: Ancestor & Descendant Trees, Fan Charts, Pedigree
    Charts & more.
  • Internet-Enabled: Cooperate on projects in real-time across the Internet with others—an industry first.
  • Source Citation: Unparalleled source citation with the leading sourcing & citation recording system.
  • More Assistance: The only leading brand that offers FREE toll-free (800) number
    for support.
  • Media Enabled: Add images, photos & video. Create PDF files & web pages.
  • More Organization: Keeps necessary tasks for individuals & entire
    family organized.
  • Advanced Features: Handles complex family relationships with powerful
    tracking tools.
Build Your Family Tree
Get Started Quickly & Easily
No other genealogy software makes entering your data faster or easier. Quickly enter the family names you know and easily discover ancestors you are researching.

Up to 5 Billion Records Online
Access the leading FREE resources online for discovering your family history, over 1 billion records. Also, integrate directly with your and other accounts for faster searching.

Research & Discover Your Family History
Family Tree Heritage brings together the best genealogical tools available on the market. Everything you need to create elaborate family trees for your next reunion or simply to enjoy the exciting journey into your family's history is right here at your fingertips.

Print Impressive Trees, Charts & Reports
Create heirloom-quality charts that will be admired and cherished by family members for years to come. Add photos, colors, fonts, boxes, shadows, and frame borders.

Preserve Your Research for Family & Friends
Publish a Family Book that documents your family story. Automatically create a web page, complete with photos, audio and video clips, that preserves your family heritage!

EXCLUSIVE! Family History Slideshow
Create a multimedia presentation of your family history using photos, video, audio and documents. Then, burn a DVD to share at holidays and reunions.

Design Trees & Charts
Create Stunning Trees, Family Books & Charts
Impress friends and family with colorful trees, charts, reports, and family books, perfect for sharing at your next family gathering and reunion.

Create Impressive Trees, Charts & Reports
Easily design heirloom-quality charts that will be admired and cherished by family members for years to come. Add photos, colors, fonts, boxes, shadows, and frame borders. Choose from wide selection of document formats: Ancestor Charts, Descendent Charts, Fan Charts, Pedigree Charts, and several book and report templates.

Expand Your Publishing Options
Publish a Family Book that documents your family story. Automatically create a genealogical web site for publication, complete with photos, audio, and video clips. Preserve your family heritage in style!

Customize Your Trees, Charts & Reports
Ancestry Charts
• Box Charts with Photos
• Standard Ancestry Chart
• Ancestry with Siblings Charts
• Ancestry Wall Chart
• Wall Chart with Siblings

Descendant Charts
• Standard Descendants Chart
• Descendants Wall Chart
• Dropline Chart, Line of Descent
• Simple Dropline with Photos
• Basic Line of Descent Chart

Fan Charts
• Pedigree Fan Charts
• Quarter Circle Fan Chart
• Half Circle Fan Chart
• Full Circle Fan Chart

Large Wall Charts
• Ancestry Wall Charts
• Descendant Wall Charts
• Descendant Dropline Charts
• Line of Descent Charts
• Wall-Sized Fan Charts

Family Books
• Publish a Family Book
• Ancestral Book Reports
• Ahnentafel Chart
• Ahnentafel with Siblings
• Descendant Book Reports
• Modified Register
• Family Group Record
• Cascading Family Group Charts
• Individual Summary
• Multimedia Scrapbook Pages
• LDS Individual Reports
• LDS Couple Reports
  Reports & Lists
• End-of-Line Individuals List
• Sorted Place List
• Sorted Individuals List
• Sorted Marriages List
• Birthday Calendar
• Anniversary Calendar
• Source and Citation List
• Family Reunion Contact List
• Relationship Examiner
• Custom Lists
• Page of Testimony
• Research Log
• List of Scrapbook Items

Pedigree Charts
• Basic Pedigree Chart
• Pedigree Chart Documented
• Pedigree Chart with Images
• Cascading Charts

Advanced Reports
• Research Log
• Sorted Place List with Events
• Possible Problems
• Duplicate Individuals List
• Unlinked Individuals List
• Relationship Report
• Database Comparison list
• Detailed Change Log
• Blank Pedigree Charts

Preserve Your Family Heritage
Discover & Share Your Family Story
Family Tree Heritage is premium genealogy software. Discover and preserve your family heritage and share your hard work with relatives in new and exciting ways.

Genealogy Scrapbook
Preserve family treasures and display memorable family photos, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other documents with the built-in scrapbook.

Family Web Pages Instantly
Share your research online. Create vibrant web pages, including photos, audio, and video clips that illustrate your family's story.

Decorative Family Books
Design and print beautiful family books to document and preserve your complete family story for future generations.

Multi-Media Presentations
Burn a DVD to give away at reunions and holidays. Advanced slide show feature brings your scrapbook to life.

System Requirements
• Pentium® PC or Higher • Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Vista, or XP • 100 MB Hard Disk Space • CD-ROM Drive • 800 x 600, 16-Bit Color Display
• Mouse. Sound Card • Speakers or Headphones • Internet Connection

* Family Tree Magazine, February 2003.
Records may require memberships to genealogy Web sites. Free trial subscriptions are included and may require credit card authorization. Genealogy records and Web sites that support genealogy records are subject to change. Details inside.

Screen Shots

Build a family tree quickly with names,
dates, event & family notes.

Easily organize impressive scrapbooks chronologically & along family lines.

Easily view parents, grandparents, children, siblings & spouses with GenRelationships™examiner.

Save hours finding your ancestors! Index & Advanced Search features help you find
individuals, marriages, or relationships.

Collaborate with other genealogists, privately
online. Compare side-by-side & fill in missing
data with GenCollabroation.™

Get organized! Create & prioritize specific
individual or general research tasks with GenResearchManager™

Keep track of original sources during your research. GenSourceCitation™ offers full source archiving.

Use a built-in link to MapQuest® to instantly locate your ancestor's hometown on a world map!

Easily create a PDF of your charts &
reports to send to relatives.

Quickly produce your charts & reports as a web pages & publish your genealogy online.


Ancestor Charts

Descendant Charts

Fan Charts

Family Books & Reports

Pedigree Charts

Reports & Lists

Create a multimedia DVD slideshow.
Share with family & friends.

Build complete profiles of everyone in your family.

Awards & Reviews


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