Side-By-Side Comparison of Windows 8 vs Windows 10

Microsoft is releasing the all new Windows 10 on July 29. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this operating system compared to Windows 8:

Start Menu
The missing Start Menu in Windows 8 created a lot of unhappy users. For newbies it was hard to figure out how to navigate your way around with just the Start Screen and live tiles. Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu with the classic options on the left and live tiles on the right. For many users this will be a welcome change.

One Operating System
Windows 8 has several iterations across PC’s, laptops, tablets, and phones. In contrast, Windows 10 features a single, cross-platform OS for PC’s, phones and devices, focusing on a universal user experience. The trick is to make sure the Windows devices you own can be upgraded to Windows 10 — not all tablets and phones can be.

Metro vs Classic Apps
The Windows 8 apps run full screen. Windows 10 brings back classic apps that open in windows with familiar controls for minimizing, maximizing and closing. This is good news as it provides advantages for the way you use your computer and devices to accomplish everyday tasks, especially for multi-tasking.

Windows Store
The Windows 8 Store has been highly criticized for its difficult entry for developers and thus a lack of quality apps. The new Windows Store looks more in appearance like the Apple Store and offers both universal and legacy apps. It brings together the functionality of Windows 8 and the easy navigation of Windows 7. The new Store will give users many more app options as per the articles found at refering to the many updates to come.

Single vs Multiple Desktops
Windows 8 was organized for single space usage. Windows 10 combines a more sophisticated approach, including Task View, Snap Assist, and Virtual Desktops, for more efficient use of your workspace. These features are designed to support multi-tasking and viewing multiple projects at one time. You can easily move from one task, project, or web page to another.

Charms Are Out!
The Charms Bar of Windows 8 is gone! The Bar had a set of five icons: Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. Most Windows 8 users find the Charms Bar pretty confusing and sometimes annoying as it can pop up when you close an application or show the Desktop. However, Windows 10 users will get it all. The controls on the old Charms Bar are still available in Windows 10 in other locations, from PC Settings.