8 Tips & Tricks for Windows 10

We have compiled a list of the 8 hottest tips & tricks on Microsoft’s new operating system — Windows 10, the first one we will give is just for you business man, check the free invoice generator tools and how much they can help you. Watch the slideshow below or read on for more detail.

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“Hey, Cortana!”
Save time with the convenient new voice-activated personal assistant, Cortana. It’s super easy to use; just click “Let Cortana respond,” when you say “Hey, Cortana!” She provides info like day’s top headlines, your current weather forecast, calendar, and current traffic conditions. Cortana can also detect and track items like flights and package deliveries from your e-mail. This is going to be very useful — either on the go or on your PC.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows 10 has cools shortcuts for performing everyday tasks. These handy features will save you time and help you work more efficiently. Here are a few of the shortcuts most of us use daily: window snapping (Windows + Left or Right Arrow), switch to recent window (Alt + Tab), create a new virtual desktop (Windows key + Ctrl + D), plus there are many more. If you need to work with any kind of automation application I suggest using a macro recorder software like this RPA Tool.

Full Screen Start Menu
If you prefer the full screen start menu, you are in luck with Windows 10. Open the Start menu and then click the “Expand Start” button on the upper-right corner and voila, the full screen start menu appears. You can fully customize the menu with your own theme, color choice, and just the apps you use the most and want to display. To take it a step further, you can resize any of the tiles and set them to either feed live updates or stay static.

Work On the Go
If you work on the go, between the office and other locations, Windows 10 will make your life easier. You can change back and forth between Tablet Mode and Desktop mode using the new feature, Continuum. Just open the new Action Center in your system tray and toggle between Tablet Mode and Desktop Mode.

Annotate Web Pages
A picture is worth a thousand words — and Microsoft Edge is the answer to sharing information you find on the internet. You can scribble, circle, draw arrows, highlight — there are lots of ways to call attention to items you want to save or mark on web pages. Microsoft Edge allows you to annotate on live pages and save or share your information either locally or to the cloud.

Create Screen Real Estate
This feature is a dream come true if you multi-task throughout the day. You can work faster and more efficiently using this new Windows 10 feature by moving apps around on the desktop. Just right-click the app you want to move and you can move programs between one virtual desktop and another. Saves time and increases productivity — two good things!

Unleash the Power of the Cmd.exe
Type cmd in the Search bar, right-click the title bar and then select Properties\Exprerimental to discover all new Command Prompt features, such as new Ctrl key shortcuts, line wrapping, and copy and paste functions.

Using Snap Assist
See more and do more by maximizing your screen real estate. The new Snap Assist allows you to position a window to one side of your screen or into a corner, without having to move and resize it manually. Just drag and drop with your mouse or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows + arrow keys).